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2012 Session Notes

Hacking Our Way to a Better Government

Jennifer Pahlka, Founder & Executive Director, Code for America
in conversation with Jason Tanz, New York Editor, WIRED

I’m very happy to report there are a lot of good partners in local government.

  1. There’s actually an enormous number of creative people in government — I wouldn’t call it a majority, but there’s enough of them.
  2. The notion is we should only be there for a year — because we can’t be their innovation engine. We’re showing them what’s possible and pushing the will to change back on them.
  3. We’re also looking at how can some of the apps become businesses? So some of them will live on in government, and some will be in business.
  4. We can’t give up on government. It’s the last big market that needs disruption.
  5. We’re not going to solve the political problem until we acknowledge that politics is a thin layer above bureaucracy.
  6. One of the great things is that a lot of these apps are open sourced. We’re also looking at how some of the apps can become businesses.