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2012 Session Notes

The Creation Economy

Yancey Strickler, Cofounder, Kickstarter
in conversation with Jason Tanz, New York Editor, WIRED

Kickstarter is three years old: 2 million backers, 22 thousands projects, $200 million.

  1. We rely on the millions of people on the web vetting for everyone else. The crowd is is a better way to judge, because otherwise we become just another gatekeeper.
  2. My concern is for backers to understand that they're likely to be buying something that doesn't exist yet. People have to make these things. Even for experienced designers, that's a challenge.
  3. We’re used to the global supply chain — we order something on Amazon and it shows up at the door within 2 days, and we're not as connected with the process of how things get made.
  4. We stick hard to the idea that Kickstarter is for “creative projects” – things for the imagination – we do have a bias in that kind of way.  
  5. Kickstarter is not your VC, it’s your community. I hope that we can just keep doing that.  
  6. Kickstarter is the aggregate growth of a lot of people. Every project is some ‘us’ of people getting together to do something:  20,000 ideas that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.