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2012 Session Notes

The Intelligence Revolution

Sebastian Thrun, Google, Stanford, Udacity
in conversation with Jason Tanz, New York Editor, WIRED

Every time you look back at technology and look back at the past, it’s just really embarrassing.

  1. In the execution of disruption, many large companies have a hard time because everybody has an opinion. I shield my team from those opinions. Give them a maximum operating space, and let them go.
  2. Various states are passing legislation right now to enable self-driving cars. Nevada, Florida, various others. The social acceptance and political acceptance is actually very high.
  3. We shouldn’t make cars just safe. First we moved from flawed people to at-the-time-flawed computers, but at least we had the chance to make this really, really good.
  4. Right now we can drive a few miles, but not a couple of thousand. Having said this, I took the car to Tahoe and it drove flawlessly. My wife said the car was a better driver than me!
  5. There's a higher standard for a computer-driven car than a human-driven car. If self-driving cars had the same safety records as humans, nobody would accept it.
  6. The computer-driven car is a work in progress. It’s going to be a homework exercise for the next couple of months or years — I wish to get to the point where no accidents are caused by cars.