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2012 Session Notes

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries, Entrepreneur & Author, The Lean Startup
in conversation with Thomas Goetz, Executive Editor, WIRED

Most companies are drowning in new ideas.

  1. I know you’re not supposed to say that as a professional, but almost everything I did before ‘The Lean Startup’ was a failure.
  2. The problem with stories of failure is that you know the outcome. It’s impossible to wrap your mind around the idea when you’re working on a start-up that you’re in reality distortion field.
  3. The core problem of a start-up is you don’t know who your customers are — and so the unit of progress is learning.
  4. I think people realize that the future of our civilization depends on entrepreneurism. Boring jobs are coming to an end.
  5. You can now rent the means of production. This isn’t capitalism, but something new.
  6. We have people doing work that doesn’t need to be done by humans any more — not fit for human consumption. This is a deeply sad issue.